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¤ Flannel Dusters
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¤ Antibacterial Treatments
¤ Mattress Protectors

We are committed to provide best quality products and services. Believe in our people remain our most valuable asset and a key source of strength. We recognize our responsibility and ability to contribute to the development of the community in which we work and live in. Keeping with the spirit of our mission, Hamza Weaving has invested in community development and environmental uplifting. We believe that the highest standards of engagement must not be only with our stakeholders, employees or customers but also within the community.

Environmental Statement:
Environmental activities have been aligned and integrated with our values. We have been following our own commitment that promises we will:

  • Minimize our effect on the environment, communities where we do business and the public
  • Reduce waste and environmental discharge emissions
  • Work with vendors to design and supply environmentally friendly raw materials, products and packaging

Community Involvement:
Being a responsible corporate company has been an essential part of who we are. In our many communities, we are known for generously sponsoring diverse causes that enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families. Special care is taken for the residents of our community, and the land on which we live and work. At Hamza Weaving, service means helping others climb upward to achieve success. We serve our customers, our community and our company by extending ourselves beyond what is expected.

With years of existence in the industry, we have relationships with suppliers who operate in diverse legal and cultural environments. To ensure that our commitment to human well being is upheld, we expect that our business partners abide by the code of conduct that is beneficial for all stakeholders.

Protecting those who work in and visit our facilities is our number-one priority. In accordance with our code of conduct, we provide workers with a safe and healthy workplace environment.

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