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¤ Flannel Dusters
¤ Cotton Fabric Bags
¤ Antibacterial Treatments
¤ Mattress Protectors

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Our health care product range is designed to meet the requirements of hospitals and nursing homes. Our dedication to the healthcare industries is continuously improving our product quality, expand our capabilities and increase our efficiency. This is elevating us to the superior level of customer service we now provide to heighten our standard of excellence.

¤ Flat Sheets
¤ Fitted Sheets
¤ Pillow Cases
¤ Lab Coats
¤ Patient Gowns (White & Dyed)
¤ Rotary Logo Printed Sheets
¤ Vat Dyed Sheets and Garments
¤ Pigment Dyed and Vat Dyed Fabrics
¤ Hospital Sheets & Pillow covers with Vat Dyed Strips in both selvedges

Available in 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton and CVC  
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